Research - Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María


"Dr. Daniel Alkalay Lowitt" Biotechnology Center

The university's Biotechnology Center was created in 2000 to promote research and development in biotechnology, by managing and undertaking multidisciplinary projects in its labs and collaborating with all university departments as well as national and international groups. Thus, the Center contributes specialized training to scientists, engineers, and technicians in biotechnological disciplines.

International Institute for Entrepreneurial Innovation, 3IE

3IE's mission is to achieve entrepreneurial excellence and become an international referent for promotion and innovation in entrepreneurial development. One of its main objectives is to encourage new business opportunities, especially the creation of businesses linked with technology, so as to be considered among R+D institutions.

Integrated Center for Manufacturing and Automation, CIMA

CIMA's objectives are to become a pole for the transfer of technology to the national manufacturing and automation industry, to improve the quality of teaching, and to strengthen research and development in these areas. It also strives to create and strengthen partnerships with prestigious institutions to promote the development and application of advanced manufacturing technologies in the Chilean industry in order to increase productivity and market competitiveness.

Aerospace Applications Center, CAA

CAA's objective is to increase research in aerospace and aeronautics through joint participation with the sector's national and international firms. It also aims to contribute, from an academic standpoint, to the Chilean and international space programs of interest to the aeronautical industry.

Integrated Center for Basic Sciences Learning: Physics, Chemistry, Math, and Programming, CIAC

The objective of this center is to increase retention rates of engineering students, to provide more flexibility to the curricula, to improve the students' understanding of basic sciences when they first start their program, and to provide access to information technologies that aid the learning process. This center is fully-staffed with tutors and student assistants. CIAC is equipped with rooms specially-designed for individual and group study, which provide access to self-evaluations programs and learning materials for all subjects.

Center for Advanced Management, Innovation, and Technology in Agriculture, CATA

Created by the Industrial Engineering Department, CATA seeks to generate research and extension activities with the business sector and with the support of the government through its innovation and development mechanisms, so as to satisfy the needs of industrial development of national agriculture.

Multidisciplinary Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer, CMITT

CMITT is the institutional entity that encompasses the autonomous centers created through internal competitions invoked by the Rector of Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María. In 2008, by Rector's Decree, the first Centers for Technological Innovation were established:

  • Center for Automation and Supervision in the Mining Industry, CASIM.
  • Center for Environmental Technologies, CETAM.
  • Center for Nanotechnology and Bio-Systems, CN&BS.
  • Center for Energetic Innovation, CIE.
  • Center for High Performance Computing in Engineering and Science, CHPH.

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