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University life


The library was created in 1933 to complement the university's teaching and research activities. It also provides the community with access to reading and learning material. The library is constantly being updated, computers added, networks expanded, and the library collection is always growing. Many books and materials have been incorporated into an online system, allowing students, faculty, and staff to access material from remote campuses and branches.

Comprehensive Education

The University's goal is to train professionals to acquire the tools necessary to lead teams, develop creative and innovative initiatives, as well as to be sensitive to their socio-cultural milieu, thus complementing their excellence and competence in their specific disciplines.

Therefore, arts, culture, sports, languages and social work become an important part of our students' activities. They develop their skills and interests through several areas so to experience and develop their capacity for teamwork, assertiveness, entrepreneurship, creativity and social responsibility.

The Humanities Department is in charge of directing the students' interests in culture, arts, and languages.countries each year.

The university radio station (FM 99.7 MHz - AM 1.450 Khz) was created in 1937, as the first university radio station in Chile and Latin America. Today, it is a leader in the broadcasting of artistic, scientific and cultural events of local and international interest.


Sports play a significant part in the USM students' training. Through sports, discipline, teamwork, and cultivate a competive spirit. Thus, Universidad Santa María strongly promotes its students' participation in sports at the competitive, educational and recreational levels. For this purpose, the university provides numerous sports facilities such as stadiums, gyms, multiple sports fields, squash rooms and tennis courts, dojo, aerobics rooms, weightlifting machines, swimming pools, rugby and soccer fields.

In these facilities students practise and play many sports and recreational disciplines such as weightlifting and cardio excercise, aerobics, chess, track and field, social dances, basketball, diving, folk music and dance, photography, soccer, artistic gym, handball, judo, karate, swimming, rugby, taekwondo, tennis, table-tennis and volleyball.

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